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Hi world!  I’m Shana, a woman in her mid-30′s who loves all things cultural and international.  I like to refer to myself as a Cultural Expert of sorts.  With my blog, Culture Weekend,  I hope to share a piece of my passion with the world.  Culture Weekend is devoted to all things cultural/global/international and accessible to local U.S. communities, hence the tagline:  Go Global, Stay Local.  At the moment, only NY area events are available.  

What is a Culture Weekend Staycation?

For a while, I’ve desired taking a nice vacation.  Don’t we all want to exist in an eternal vacation?  In particular, I love international travel, not necessarily to the touristy spots, although these are nice at times.  When I travel abroad, I like to immerse myself in the local culture.  That means eating what the locals eat, dressing as the locals do, speaking the local language, etc.  I never understood how people could travel abroad, seeking out only what was familiar to them; I desired exploration of the unknown, which I believe fostered a deeper appreciation for the global community that I live in.

Once I became a new mother, it became obvious that the globetrotter in me had to be scaled back.  My priorities were changing.  Now, I try to find ways to experience the global culture I enjoy, but locally from time to time.  Enter in the Culture Weekend Staycation!  

Now, I’m a huge advocate of travel, both international and within my own country.  I try to take at least 1 to 2 family trips away from home each year.  Culture Weekend is not in the business of discouraging vacations and travel away from home.  Heck, I love to travel; the experience of being somewhere new and in a different home (enter in the hotel)…these things make a vacation even more enjoyable.  Culture Weekend  is for those times when you can’t travel, say after your fab summer vacay to Bali or on a weekend during the school year when the kids are bored and you all start to reminisce about last year’s trip to Mexico…that’s when Culture Weekends are so helpful with filling the “in between vacations” gap!  

A Culture Weekend Staycation is for anyone desiring a global experience from the comforts of their local community.  No, I didn’t devise the concept of a staycation; that happened well before me, but I’d like to put a spin on what a traditional staycation is, tweak it a bit.  A Culture Weekend Staycation is strictly about culture.  In a 48 hour window, let’s travel to a different place, be it through local cultural events, cooking in our kitchen or eating at a fab global cuisine restaurant; that’s what a Culture Weekend Staycation is about.  Also, look at it this way, we are supporting local business, building our own economy when we stay local.  Remember to think local first!  So let’s get inspired, get global and stay local.


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