Australian food in NYC: Ruby’s Cafe

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As I started my journey to sample Australian cuisine at Ruby’s Cafe, a slight bit of panic set in.  I’d never tried Australian food before!   

And while I enjoy sampling global cuisine; I’m no Andrew Zimmerman!  What was I to expect?  Kangaroo meat, wallaby soup, koala stew?  Okay, that’s silly…. but a possibility, right?  

It was up to me to get the dish on Australian food, I said to myself over and over as if I were a superhero of sorts (yeah right).  And I couldn’t think of a more perfect place than visiting NYC’s own Little Australia in the heart of NoLita (North of Little Italy) to find authentic Australian cuisine minus the 20 hour plus flight to Sydney.   

Ruby's Cafe, NYC's Little Australia

Ruby’s Cafe, NYC’s Little Australia

Upon researching Ruby’s Cafe, I learned of their highly recommended Bronte Burger.

Strike that from the record.  

It’s not highly recommended, there’s a cult following for this thing!  


The Famous Bronte Burger, Ruby’s Cafe

The Bronte Burger has a lot of familiar components to an American hamburger just fancier.  Instead of a plain bun, Ruby’s Cafe uses chewy focaccia bread and tops the burger with a chili and mayo aioli, no ketchup and mustard here.  Every bite was flavorful and juicy!  And no despair, the Bronte Burger is made of pure beef  putting to rest my unfounded kangaroo fears.  

Ruby’s Cafe is also known for their breakies (or breakfast in Australian).  Breakies are uber important in Australia and Ruby’s Cafe doesn’t fail to satisfy a throng of blokes looking to fill their tummies after breaking last night’s fast (where we get the word “breakfast” from: breaking fast).   Almost everyone had a flat white, Australia’s nod to a latte, and a breakfast meal.  Next time, I’ll have to try that.  

And the ambiance at Ruby’s Cafe?  While the restaurant is on the small side, it doesn’t feel cramped, thanks to the light paint and mirrored walls.  Ruby’s Cafe is clean and the service is great; my waiter, very attentive.  There is a very laid back vibe here, but don’t let that discourage you as nothing is lacking.  The pricing is fair, my Bronte Burger costs $11.  

Ruby's Cafe, NYC

A Peek inside Ruby’s Cafe, NYC’s Little Australia

I’d recommend Australian cuisine and Ruby’s Cafe for those who like to try something a little outside of the box, but not too far from food that is familiar in the U.S.  

So, if you’re ever in Little Australia, pay a visit to Ruby’s Cafe.  Make sure you bring a small group and make a reservation on the weekends as this place is popular among the locals from Australia and NYC! 

Ruby's Cafe, Little Australia, NYC

Ruby’s Cafe, Little Australia, NYC

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